WHEREAS the Insured (carrying on the Business described in the Schedule and no other for the purposes of this insurance) by a proposal and declaration which shall be the basis of this Contract and is deemed to be incorporated herein has applied to PT. ASURANSI ...............(hereinafter called the "COMPANY") for the Indemnity hereinafter contained.

    IN CONSIDERATION of the Insured paying to the Company the first Premium for or on account of the said Indemnity.

    THE COMPANY AGREES that subject to the terms, exclusions, limits and conditions contained herein or endorsed hereon if during any period of Indemnity the property or any part there of whilst within the Premises shall after actual forcible and violent entry of the Premises be stolen or damaged then the Company will by payment or its option by reinstatement or repair indemnity the Insured against such lost or damage.


    The Indemnity hereinbefore contained shall not apply to nor include :

    1. Any direct or indirect consequence of War, acts of war or any de facto state of war, enemy invasion even if Indonesia is not one belligerent powers-occupation, civil war, interior disturbances, revolt, insurrection, mutiny, reprisals strike, lock-out of Workers, sabotage, acts of terrorists, disturbance of political or any other nature, impact of engines of war, the performance or omission of any act in a correct execution of any order, measure, ordinance by any Indonesian of foreign military, civil, judicial, police or Political authority or organization, nationalization, confiscation, requisition or demand for military purposes. In case of loss or damage covered by this Insurance the Insured shall have to prove such loss or damage has not been caused by nor is directly connected with any exclusions mentioned in this paragraph.
    2. Loss or damage occasioned by fire or explosion.
    3. Damage to stained or plate glass or any decoration or lettering thereon.
    4. Loss or damage occasioned by any person lawfully in the premises or indirectly or directly caused or brought about by or with the connivance of any inmate or member of the
    5. Loss or damage to deeds, bonds. bills of exchange, promissory notes, money or securities for money, coins, medals stamps, stamp collections, jewelry, watches, furs precious metals. precious stones or articles composed of any of them, documents of title of property contracts or other documents, business books, manuscripts, curious sculptures, rare books, plants patterns, moulds models or designs unless specially mentioned as insured hereunder
    6. Loss or damage occasioned by, arising out of, or in connection with any nuclear reaction of the atom, irrespective as to how the reaction has been effected and whether inside or outside the premises insured by this policy.

    a. In respect of any one item of the Property the sum set opposite thereto.
    b. In respect of all loss or damage sustained the Total Sum Insured.

    It is understood and agreed that :
    1. A detailed record of all money in the safe shall be kept in some place other than the Safe.
    2. Whenever the Premises are left without a responsible adult actually therein the keys of the Safe shall be removed from the Premises.
    3. When the Premises are occupied at night the keys of the Safe shall after the Premise are closed for business be removed to that portion of the Premises in which the person responsible for the Safe custody of the keys resides or shall be removed from the Premises.

    Subject otherwise to the Terms, Exceptions and Conditions of the within Policy.


    This Policy and the Schedule shall be read together as one contract and any word or expression to which a specific meaning has been attached in any part of this Policy or of the Schedule shall bear such specific wherever it may appear.

    1. Immediately upon having knowledge of any even giving rise or likely to give rise to a claim under this Policy the Insured shall :
    a. give notice to the police and render all reasonable assistance in causing the discovery and punishment of any guilty person and in tracing and recovering the property.
    b. give notice thereof to the Company in writing and within seven days thereafter deliver to the company a claim in writing and supply all such detailed proofs and particulars as may be reasonably required. In no case shall the Company be liable for any loss or damage not notified to the Company within thirty days after the event.

    2. The Company may at any time at its own expense use legal means in the name of the Insured for recovery of any of the property lost and the Insured shall give all reasonable assistance for that purpose. The Company shall be entitled to any property for the loss of which a claim is paid hereunder and the Insured shall execute all such assignments of such property as may be reasonably required.
    The Insured shall not be entitled to abandon any property to the Company.

    3. The Insured shall take all reasonable precaution for the safety of the property as regards selection and supervision of employees securing all doors and windows and order means of entrance and otherwise. In the event of a claim being made against Company under the Policy the Insured shall satisfy the Company by such evidence as it may reasonably required that the loss or damage claimed for has actually arisen from one of the causes against, and that the property in respect of which a claim is made is not merely mislaid or missing.

    4. No claim shall be recoverable hereunder (a) if any change shall be made in the premises or into the condition for the risk and existing the time of acceptance or (b) if the intrinsic value of the contents of the Premises be at any time materially increased or (c) if the benefit of the contract herein contained shall become vested in any person other than the Insured unless on any of such cases the written consent of the Company thereto be First obtained.

    5. All sum which may from time to time be paid under the Policy during each period of Indemnity shall be accounted in diminution of the respective sums insured, so that in case of subsequent loss or damage during the same Period of Indemnity the total sum payable by the Company shall not in any case exceed the sum set opposite each item of the schedule or in the whole the total sum insured.

    6. If at any time any loss or damage there be any other insurance effected by or on behalf of the Insured covering any of the property the liability of the Company here under shall be limited to its rate able proportion of such or damage. If any other Insurance shall be subject to any condition of average this Policy if not already subject to any condition of average shall be subject to average in like manner. If any such of other insurance in expressed to cover any of the property hereby insured, but is subject to any provision where hereby it is excluded from ranking concurrently with this policy either in whole or in part or from contributing rate ably to the loss or damage, the liability of the Company hereunder shall be limited to such proportion of the sum insured bears to the varied of the property

    7. If a claim be made or on behalf of the insured which shall be any respect unfounded or fraudulent or intentionally exaggerate or if any false declaration or statement be made in support thereof, no claim shall be recoverable hereunder.

    8. The insurance by this policy may be cancelled at any time by registered letter from the Company to the Insured' s last known address and in such event the Company will return a pro rata of the premium for the not expired of Indemnity.

    9. All dispute resulting from the performance and/or interpretation of this contract of insurance are to be submitted to three Arbitrators whose award shall be final and binding. The party desiring to submit a case to arbitration must give the other party notice in writing of this intention. The three Arbitrators shall be appointed by both parties by mutual agreement. If within four weeks from the date of such written notice the parties are unable to agree on the selection of the Arbitrators, either of the parties may request the Chairman or in his absence or inability to act, the Acting Chairman of The Insurance Council of Indonesia to appoint the Arbitrator. The Arbitrators are bound to pronounce on the issue before them in just and equitable manner. The Arbitrators shall determine the Rules of the Arbitration Procedure. in their final award the Arbitrator shall decide by which party or parties the costs of the Arbitration Proceedings, including the disbursement and the fees of the Arbitrators and the fees and disbursement of the lawyers representing the parties shall be wholly or partially borne. The Arbitrators shall take the necessary measures in order that the original of the Award or Awards shall be filled at the Court of Competent of Jurisdiction in Jakarta in which city the Award(s) shall be made. The powers to be granted to the Arbitrators shall continue until the filling referred to above has been made.

    10. The due observance and fulfillment of the terms conditions and endorsements of this Police by the Insured in so far as they relate to anything to be done or complied with by him and the truth of the statement and answer in the said proposal shall be conditions precedent to any liability of the Company to make any payment under this Policy.