The insurer will, by payment or repair, indemnify the insured (but only to the extent that the cost or repair falls to be borne by the insured ) against accidental breakage (excluding scratching or chipping) of :

    1. fixed exterior or interior glass ( including mirrors but not hand mirrors).
    2. fixed washbasins and pedestal sinks, lavatory pans and astern and baths (but not swimming pools) in or that part of the premises occupied by the insured:
    a. for the purposes of the business, or
    b. as private dwelling rooms

    in addition the insurers will pay the cost of :
    i. any necessary boarding up
    ii. repairing damage to window frames and fittings consequent upon such breakage the insurer however, will not pay or indemnify :
    a. the first ......... of each and every loss
    b. glass and other property which is cracked or broken at the commencement of this insurance

    3. glass in television or radio apparatus, neon or illuminated box signs