• Book Debts Clause

    The insurers will indemnify the insured in the event of the records of accounts receivable kept on the premises being lost, destroyed or damaged as described below.

    The indemnity provided is for loss or damage caused by and solely following loss, destruction or damage to the property by any of the insured perils described in section ..... (business interruption) of this insurance and subject otherwise to the terms, conditions and exclusions of that section.
    The indemnity provided is in respect of :

    1. all sums due to the insured from customers for goods supplied and services rendered prior to the date of loss, destruction or damage, provided the insured is unable to effect collections thereof as a direct result of such loss;
    2. all reasonable interest charges on any loan approved by insurers to offset impaired collections pending payment of such sums made uncollectable by such loss;
    3. any collection expense in excess of normal collection cost and made necessary solely by such loss;
    4. the insured's auditors' charges necessarily and reasonably incurred in substantiating any claim under this section.