• Hazardous Goods Warranty

    Warranted that none of the goods mentioned in the list below (see overpage) shall at any time during the policy period be in or upon the within mentioned premises, but allowing the storage of such hazardous goods including liquid paints to the extent of 1% only of the total value of stocks, such quantity of hazardous goods not include more than 6 gallons of petrol or other liquid giving off inflammable vapour flashing below 100F/38C or more than 4 cases or cartons of matches and/or 4 cases of fire crackers.

    The following goods are deemed to be hazardous :

    Acetylene (liquid) Hemp Potassium Ferricyanide

    Bamboo Mats Hessians other than in bales Potassium Ferrocyanide

    Benzine Potassium Hydroxide

    Benzoline Jute in fully pressed Potassium Nitrite

    Bi-Sulphide of Carbon bales or otherwise Potassium Perchlorate

    Blacks of all kind ** Kapok whether in fully Potassium Permanganate

    Brimstone pressed bales or Potassium Peroxide

    Calcium Carbide otherwise Potassium Sulphide

    Camphrine Kerosene Prusiade of Potash

    Camphor Lime Unslaked Rags

    Candles Mungo Resins

    Cartridges Matches of all kind Rockets

    Celluloid & Xylonite Naphtha Rock Oil

    & other similar Naphthalene Saltpeter

    substances Nitrate or Soda Shoddy

    Charcoal (powdered) Nitro-Glycerine Spirits of all kinds,

    Chloride of Soda Oil of all kinds (other not in bottles

    Coconut Oil than vegetable or Stearine

    Codilla essential oils packed Straw

    Coir or Coir Yarn in bottles in cases or Sulphur Dyes or Colours

    Cordite tins in cases (excluding those Cotton (whether in Oxalade of Potash packed in air tight

    fully pressed bales Paints (liquid) except metal vessels labeled

    or otherwise) water and emulsion with a certificate by

    Copra, including copra in sealed metal tins the manufacturers that

    cakes & copra meal or drums the dyes or Colours

    crackers Paraffin contain at least 100%

    Explosive of all kind Percussion Caps of inert inorganic 

    Fats Petrol salts

    Fireworks Petroleum & its liquid Tallow manufactured or

    Fulminating Powder products unmanufactured

    Ghee Phosphorous Tar

    Grasses of all kind Pitch Turpentine

    Gunny Bags, other than Potassium Varnish

    in fully pressed Potassium Bichromate Vegetable Fibbers of all

    bales *** Potassium Bimoxalate * kinds

    Gunpowder Potassium Chlorate Waste of all kinds

    Hay Potassium Cyanide *

    * if stored on the same floors as, or on floors above, foodstuffs

    ** blacks when stored by themselves in a separate building should be closed as non-hazardous

    *** broken bales of gunnies for packing or bagging purpose only are allowed without incurring the additional change for hazardous goods