WHEREAS the insured in the schedule hereto is desirous of effecting an insurance as herein after described with the company and has made to the company a written proposal and declaration which shall be deemed the basis of this contract and be considered as incorporates herein.

    NOW THIS POLICY WITHNESSTH that consideration of the insured paying to the company the premium prior to inception of this policy, the company will subject to the term exceptions limits and conditions herein on endorsed hereon in the event "HOLE IN ONE" event happening during the period the golf tournament insured and at the location as described in the schedule, indemnity the insured in respect of the amount of the "HOLE IN ONE" prize for which the insured has agreed to pay. PROVIDED that:

    A. No claim shall be payable under this policy unless the insured is liable to pay to anyone eligible participating golfer in the described golf tournament as a result of a valid "HOLE IN ONE" golf shoot during the said tournament as detailed in the schedule of the policy.

    B. The Terms:

    i) Valid-shall mean a first genuine tee-shot from the Hole describe under the schedule of the policy which result in a "HOLE IN ONE" shot as recognized by all members of the supervisors.

    Eligible participating golfer shall mean any person who has been approved and registered with the particular Golf tournament organizing committee to participate in the said Golf tournament to which the list names of the participating golfers has been lodged with the company or available for the inspection by the authorized representative of the company.

    Unless advised to the contrary by the company, the insured shall request the approval of the Organizing Committee to give admittance to the Company's authorized repetitive to supervise at all times during the tournament, every participating Golfer in executing their firs tee shot at the described hole and shall have the right to approve whether a valid "HOLE in ONE": shot has taken place or otherwise for the purpose of this insurance.