• Deterioration of Stock

    Subject to the general exclusions and conditions, the insurance provided herein is extended to cover the contents of the insured's cold rooms, frozen food cabinet(s) and/or domestic refrigerators against deterioration and/or putrefaction due to a change in temperature following breakdown of the refrigeration machinery and/or failure of the public electricity and/or gas supply and/or action of refrigerant fumes escaping from the plant and or blowing of fuses.
    This extension does not cover loss due to or arising from :

    1. deliberate act of any electricity or gas supply authority or the exercise by any such authority of its power to withhold or restrict supply;
    2. failure of the electricity or gas supply due to strikes by or any other withdrawal of labour by employees of any electricity or gas authority.
    The settlement of any loss arising under this extension shall be the cost of replacement at the time of the loss.
    It is warranted that cabinet, cold room, or refrigerator more than 10 years old be subject to an annual maintenance contract by a recognized refrigeration engineer.